Tokaido Bujin Kuro  er  et solid alternativ for deg  som ønsker  en  sort  gi.
Kuro er en heawy weight modell, 14oz.
Leveres i 10cm  str intervaller.

The Bujin is a weighty allround Gi, especially for drafts and handel educations. The cottonen-linen mixture weighs 14 ounces and it is roughened inside to give an perfect wearing comfort. The modern european cut ensures a great movement space and high convenience. 

Karategi in good Tokaido-quality - high quality down to the details.The Gi is a excellent all-round suit for the discerning Karateka.

Heavy equipment (14 oz). Very sturdy and tear-resistant . Multiple stitched and reinforced seams.The suit, therefore, is particularly suitable for throws and handles (as well as holding and tearing at self-defense exercises).

Pants with elastic and in addition to lacing.

Comfortable to wear. Interior slightly roughened, characterized the suit feels soft inside and rubs the skin not even in prolong workouts.

Ad-free. Free of trademark or logo embroidery on the jacket back / neck and chest (suit suitable for traditional dojos and training). Only one label on the jacket and pants.

Personal embroidery possible (please send us an email or give us your desire to stick, we will advise you).

The package contains jacket and pants.

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  • Varemerke: Tokaido
  • Produkt kode: KATOKAMP
  • Tilgjengelig: På lager
  • kr: 950.00

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