Tokaido Kumite Master Pro er den mest populære Kumitegien.

Superlett,  pustende med forsterkninger.  Meget populær blant de beste kumiteutøvere.

Inkludert en flott ryggsekkbag fra Tokaido.

WKF Approved.

The Kumite Master PRO is made out of ultra light Polyester and breathly Mesh-applications. Because of its Kumite-cut (long arms, long legs) and its WKF approval the Kumite Master Pro is very popular especially among top athletes.

But everyone else wether trainers or passionate athletes that appreciate the advantages of a professional Uniform should have it.


Excellent Karate Gi for Kumite Professionals.

Lightweight Polyester that has been developed especially for international competitions. The weight is only 5 oz.

Robust material. Even if we don´t wish it to you, should you be ripped on your suit, the tensile strength of the Kumite Master PRO would be of big advantage.

Extremely comfortable through an extra wide waistband .

The suit was especially designed to dry quickly whether sweat or wather.

Because of the nubby inside the suit sticks less on the skin even if you sweat heavily.

Official World Karate Federation (WKF) certification . The suit has been tested and approved. Through this certification, it is allowed at international competitions.

Attractive Tokaido Logo embroidered on the right chest and neck.

Developed with the Tokaido "pre-shrunk" procedure , the suit is hardly shrinking while washing. Even after many washes it is still preserving it´s form.

Sizes above 160 increase with intermediate sizes like 165, 170, 175, ..., so that no compromises must be made by the size selection, and each karateka gets a perfectly fitting gi.

No "insight" , in principle "opaque". Even if the suit is wet after intensive training, you don´t have the feeling of being naked.

Individual embroidery is possible (please send us an E-Mail, we will glad to advise you).

The delivery includes jacket and pants.

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  • Produkt kode: ATCP-PRIMRSB
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